jeanne_headshotJeanne Evans, L.Ac, MSOM is certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) as a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine and is licensed by the Texas State Acupuncture Licensing Board (TXALB) under the aegis of the Texas State Medical Board.  In her extensive clinical experience, Jeanne has successfully treated a multitude of health concerns including neck and back pain, headaches and migraines, stress, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, blood sugar balancing, PMS and menopause, Chron’s disease and Epstein Barr Syndrome, and has provided therapy to patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

She is committed to the safe, effective treatment of both acute and chronic health issues using acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Chinese herbal prescriptions, customized nutritional therapy,  cupping therapy, tuina (Chinese Massage), moxibustion, cold laser therapy, scalp acupuncture, acupressure, and more.

Jeanne began her studies of Integrative and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Austin Texas at the prestigious AOMA, Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in 1995, where she received her Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1999.  In addition, Jeanne furthered her knowledge and passion for acupuncture by attending yearly seminars hosted by AOMA, and is constantly updating her knowledge and treatment skills through continuing education.

Jeanne also worked at White Crane Healing Arts, at Creekside Whole Health, and was the Lead Herbalist at the Academy of Oriental Medicine Herbal Medicine department in Austin, Texas while maintaining her private practice in Austin, Texas for over 20 years.

In addition to her years of studies, knowledge, and working experience, Jeanne also dedicated her time to helping those at The Wright House Wellness Center, providing holistic healthcare to persons living with HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses.